APPreciate is an Android App for businesses to issue and maintain their own customized gift or reward cards for their customers. The app is a perfect solution for most small business who either have cash registers and or credit card machines. Learn more about APPreciate
Notepad is a user friendly mobile app for maintaining textual data such as notes. It is designed with an honest intent of providing users with a safe, secure and quality user experience. Notepad is primarily designed for a personal use, however enterprise users are welcome to use it for business purposes. Notepad is currently available on Android platform only. Please read our Notepad Privacy Policy
IP-Notifier is an application that allows users to be notified when the IP Address of the host system has changed. IP-Notifier sends a notification of change of both public and private IP address. The notification includes previous as well as renewed IPV4 and IPV6 IP addresses. The current method of notification is email, however future versions of the product will extend support for alternate mediums such as SMS (Text) or Mobile App. This product is currently under development. Please contact us should you have any immediate need, and we may consider prioritizing it.
IP Notifier Delonix Computing