APPreciate is an Android mobile App for businesses to issue Gift or Rewards Cards. Business owners can start issuing their own customized Gift/Rewards Cards simply by

1. Installing APPreciate from Google Play Store.

2. Activate the App in 3 easy steps.

3. Start issuing Digital Gift Cards to your customers via APPreciate.

Required user permissions:

During the first time use, when prompted, user must 'Allow' following permissions in order for the App to work smoothly. APPreciate cannot guarantee its functionality when permissions are denied by the user. We value our customer privacy, please read more about our Privacy Policy

Camera - This permission is essential so that scanning of the gift or rewards cards can work on your mobile device camera.

Storage - A copy of strongly encrypted backup file is also saved on your device with in the app. In order to maintain data safety, backup files are saved at an internal folder that is only accessed via APPreciate. No other apps can access the backup files. You can share the backup files from within APPreciate with another app or storage location. In case of the need to restore the data, this permission will allow user to browse public folders on your device.


Low cost: It is a low and one time cost solution for businesses.
Clean: No advertisements or spam content.
Safe: App does not collect, analyze or send any of your customer data outside of your device for any other purpose except for data backups.
Secure: All data backup files are strongly encrypted using an encryption key that is unique to each device.
Reporting: You can view summary and detailed reports with in the App.
Transaction Receipts: Transaction receipts can be sent via Email or SMS.
Printed Cards: Contact us via Email, if you would like to print attractive hard copies of the gift or reward cards.